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Working for local businesses. Organising events. Providing business advice. Providing marketing support.

Shop locally

Remember - for every £1 you spend in local shops, 70p finds its way back in to the local economy and fuels growth.

Shop locally and reduce food waste

It's true - buy just what meat, veg and bread you need and not in the packs the supermarkets would like you to buy. It'll actually save you money in the long-run too!

Vibrant events

Our local business showcase events draw thousands of people into the town and increases awareness of what local businesses have to offer.

Get involved

If you're a local business in the CT6 postcode area, click on "join us" from the menu above and we'll keep you informed.

Working for local businesses

This site is still under construction. Please bear with us while we load content and fine tune the settings. Herne Bay 4 Business is an entirely independent group dedicated to helping to develop local trade and support individual small businesses. As well as working with local councillors and council officers to influence key decisions which potentially effect trade, we also organise events, workshops and training for small business owners in subjects such as social media, email marketing, advertising strategies and enhancing their on-line presence to build turnover.

Keep it local

Support your local businesses and help the local economy grow. Growth allows expansion and development - the life blood of a prosperous town.

Trade Local

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Makes you think ...

If every adult in the CT6 postcode area spent just £5 per week in their local shops it would add £7.7M to the local economy over the course of a year.

Local tradespeople

By selecting reputable local plumbers, electricians, heating engineers etc. you're much more likely to pay less and get a beter job done. Reputation is everything to local tradespeople!


We are great believers in doing business locally 'business to business' so if you're a local shop, trades-person, community organisation, service business or whatever, you can use this site to search for suppliers and contacts.